The Voluntary Solidarity Fund international

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It is clear that there is a moral obligation and we all know it, we do not feel at ease living our lives of plenty when we can see the poverty, the social decay, the evidence of people falling out of the system around us. Now is a time to join the conversation and act in solidarity, it is a time, not only for donations, but for active participation. The VSF international is a fabulous opportunity for the more fortunate in society to make a real concrete impact on the grass root projects that we support.
Each program we support has volunteer and mentor opportunities, if you would like to receive more information on how you can get involved, please fill out the form indicating your interests. We thank you for standing with us in solidarity.


We have selected several pilot projects that align with our principles but we are always looking for programs to support, we encourage active participation in advocating programs to bring under the support of The VSF International. To suggest a program, kindly use the advocation form here

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